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    Default Kidco Configure gate questions

    Does anyone have experience with the Kidco configure gates? Wondering if anyone knows the difference(s) between the G80, G80c, and the newer models of the configure gates. (And maybe the hearth gates, too.) Wondering if the models might be compatible before we buy something from Craigslist. Thanks!

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    We bought ours new, mostly because I needed it right away and could get free express shipping with Amazon.

    I've got no idea how the different models compare with each other - I basically bought mine on my brother's recommendation to fit an odd-shaped doorway in our house, with no consideration to using it in conjunction with more pieces. (Of course, I didn't think my DH would object so strongly to hard-installing it, and it's kind of useless to just set up, so I feel like I wasted $80. But that's another story.)
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