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    Quote Originally Posted by mytwosons View Post
    He is considered recovered from autism and no longer seems dependent on his supplements.
    That is awesome to hear!

    Melbel, thank you for posting the information. Interesting reading!
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    Interesting about the LDN! I was on it for cycle issues. I saw a Napro physician, which is related to the Creighton model of NFP (natural family planning). My sub-fertility and other cycle issues were somehow related to what LDN can fix/improve. My PCP was so intrigued by my experience that she called me at home to ask me for more information! Though I never really fully understood why I was taking it and how it would help...

    Eta: my husband just reminded me that it was for suspected silent endometriosis. I was only on it for about 4 months, but the doctor also said I should see a big mood improvement. Hard to tell, because I had ppd and was also on an antidepressant.
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