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    Default How Many "Diaper" bags do you own?

    And how old are you DC's?

    I technically have only one diaper bag- the same one I have had since DD was born. She is now 21 months and I prefer to bring a large purse with some diapers, wipes, snacks and toys, unless we are going to be away from home for a while or eating at a restaurant. for me, less is more and I despise having to bring too much or more than one bag for everything, including my stuff, if I can help it.

    For those with potty trained kids, do you still find that you are bringing a bag for their stuff or are you just putting snacks, books, etc in your purse?

    I love my original bag (Skip Hop) but find it sits in the house or car more often these days.

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    DD is 2 and so far she's an only. (I'd like to have 1 more.)

    I started out with a large, zippered, canvas purse that I bought at Target. I added a changing pod, extra diapers (in zip-top baggies), changes of clothing, a roll of disposal baggies, my nursing cover, DD's meds and anything else I thought we'd need (DD's owls ...)

    For DH's first Father's Day, I bought him this bag:

    He never uses it, so it's become my "all-day" pack.

    Then the straps started to feel too short on the canvas purse and we were going on vacation ... and the bag seemed awfully small for a vacation (and the diaper bag didn't count against our carry-on luggage allowance.)

    And had a sale going, so I bought a Kalencom bag in the same style as this Kalencom bag: (Mine is giraffe-print.)

    Then I stopped packing the kitchen sink every time we went out, so I used a mini sling-pack that I got as a giveaway from a drug company sponsoring a charity walk I've done since 2004.

    It's just big enough to fit a changing pad, several diapers, a pack of wipes, "butt spray" and a straw cup.

    We also use this toddler-sized backpack by SkipHop: (DD's is an owl; she loves owls.)

    I also upgraded our changing pads because the vinyl one I bought at first was still off-gassing (ew) and the one that came in the Kalencom bag shredded in the washer. I now have three of these, which I love: (I think I might even get a couple for my sister.)

    So, based on that, I guess I have 5 diaper bags.

    When she's potty trained, the SkipHop toddler pack is big enough to hold a change of clothing (and shoes), wipes, her cup and a small picture book, so she won't be occupying any room in my purse.
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    when I had 2 in diapers I had 4. Skip hop, lands end and 2 others i cannot remember what they were
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    I have one who is potty training. I have 2 diaper bags: a Skip Hop Studio tote which I rarely use any more, and a Skip Hop Versa which I use all the time. I also use an LLBean Stowaway pack for dipes, wipes, water, and a snack (plus my own stuff) when we go to the park, and a medium purse for the same when we go run errands.
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    We have 2, we've always had 2.

    One is larger and what we use as an overnight bag for when the kids stay at Grandma & Grandpa's.

    The other is the Columbia Trekster which we LOVE!! My boys are 3 yo and almost 1 yo. Until about 2 weeks ago both were in diapers (now DS1 is PTing). We routinely carry diapers for both (only 1-2 for DS1 now), 1-2 changes of clothes for each, wipes, A&D, some small toys for each, snacks (crackers or granola bars), mommy's wallet, sunscreen, several pairs of undies for DS1 and shorts, and my sling to carry DS2, a couple pads (nursing and sanitary), some lotion, Tylenol. This bag is like the clown car of bags...and I love it for that!
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    I have just one for my almost-4-month-old:

    I have several extra-large purses and totes (my best friend calls them my Mary Poppins bags or carpet bags), so when I don't need to carry diapers and assorted young baby paraphernalia I just use a big bag. I thought that plan would work now, but I really needed a bag with interior pockets to organize her stuff. Almost all of my bags are of the "black hole" variety, which makes it difficult to find what you need in a hurry. Having a bag with interior pockets makes it so much more convenient. I have a wristlet and a tiny cosmetic case that goes in the diaper bag so I'm not also carrying a purse.

    When Henry potty trained I just used one of my non-diaper bag bags for everything.
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    I have a nine year old and a two year old, who is not potty trained yet. I have one true diaper bag. I pretty much only use it when we are traveling.

    I also have an overland equipment donner bag that I bought when my older ds was about two. It's handy for longer outings because I can put three or four diapers and some wipes in it and put Kleen kanteens with water in the two water bottle slots. It is smaller than my diaper bag.

    For everyday, I keep a skip hop saddle bag attached to my stroller with one diaper and a few wipes in it. And I keep one diaper and some wipes in my purse. That covers me for outings that are just a couple of hours. I also have a few diapers and wipes in the car in case of emergency.


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    I have 4

    I have a JJ Cole System bag since DS, it tore and JJ Cole replaced it. When he started walking I wanted something more "wearable" so I got a cross body backpack from PBK. Then the second JJ Cole started tearing (it's a design problem) so I got another JJCole but a different model. It's in perfectly good shape, so is the one from PBK, but when I was expecting DD I wanted a new one, it was really just a whim, so I got the Skip Hop Studio bag (on sale at $40).

    So now I have one in diapers and 4 diaper bags. Don't tell DH!

    When DS was an older toddler and an outing was short, I'd just stick a couple of diapers and a travel pack of wipes in my purse. When DS was PT'd and didn't have accidents anymore I stopped using the diaper bags except for travel. I got a large purse from Coach and I just put his snacks and a small water bottle in there, maybe a couple of small toys.
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    I have a slight Ju Ju Be obsession so I've had quite a few over the years. Currently with a 5 year old and a still-in-diapers 2 year old I switch it up between this roomy tote with handy sippy/bottle pockets and a small backpack that Ju Ju Be no longer makes. I use the tote in cold weather and any time I need extra room to stow stuff. I use the little back pack when I need to be hands free and don't need too many extras beyond diapers/snacks/sippys. I have matching messenger straps for the totes so I can be hands free with those if needed as well.
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    Once I was needing less "stuff" for outings, I got a Hot Mama Handbag. It has worked really well, but I still take the diaper bag (now I use a Babymel Amanda - originally had a Skip Hop Duo Deluxe) when we go out to eat or for traveling.

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