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    I've had the same LE backpack diaper bag for the past 6 years. Since weaning DD2 a year ago, I pretty much always leave it in the car unless I'm dropping DD2 off at church nursery. I did use a little clutch with a couple pull-ups when DD1 was potty training, since she and DD1 were in different rooms at church. I'd toss it in the main diaper bag most of the time and just pull it out to go with DD1 at church. But otherwise, it's always just been easier to have one main bag and know what's in it.

    It will be an adjustment for me to start carrying a diaper bag around all the time again when #4 gets here (if #4 ever decides to come out...)!

    ETA: I realize I didn't answer the age part of your question, OP. DD2 is about the same age as yours, and if I weren't about to have another one, I do think I totally could get away with sticking a couple things in my purse for her.
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    I just got a bag from a SIL, but it wasn't the one I picked out. It's a Petunia Pickle Bottom knapsack, and I'm sure she spent a small fortune on it, but it looks like I would have to be a deep sea diver to find anything in it. I decided that I will use it for travelling, since I can't return it! Or maybe I'll let DH use it?

    I am now torn between a Gitta Beauty (with the active fold)
    and a Baby Cargo Georgi Good things about both, but both are different.
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    I have 4, technically, but I only ever used 1 at a time.

    I have two Ju-Ju-Be's that I used exclusively when DS was much younger (one is a lighter spring/summer print and the other a darker fall/winter print).

    Since we're out of the bring everything with you stage I've switched to a Vera Bradly tote. I have two though, one is really big for long (all day or multiple day) needs and the other is my main bag that I use most often. The bigger bag gets used for more than just a diaper bag as well, DD1 uses it frequently for sleepovers.
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    I have, um, several Ju Ju Be and one PPB diaper bags (I won't share my number ). A couple medium size for half day type excursions and several smaller that are more purse-like, and a bigger backpack that I use for air travel. Yea, I know its more than what I functionally need but I like the variety of prints and types for different needs and moods. I switch out about once a week, often more. I also buy most used and resell what I don't need. Its a bit of an addiction, but its harmless.

    My DCs are 1 PT'd and 1 in cloth diapers. For the first year of PT'ing I needed 2 backup pants for DS at all times, he had a lot of accidents plus a newborn, so I carried a lot. Now I need less for him, but for both kids I need entertainment in restaurants and other basics plus baby stuff for DD. I also sometimes only take one kid with me so I use a smaller bag in those cases.

    My diaper bag is my purse, I rarely take a separate purse for me. I use a JJB Be Mine or Be Major and move my personal items from one to another bag as I need to.

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    My kids are 9 1/2 and almost 4 and I own 7(?) diaper bags, but have been using the same one for about 2 years now (since DS2 potty trained).

    I have a small Petunia Picklebottom clutch that I LOVE and just carry my stuff and a pair of extra underwear in a ziploc for DS2 and a travel size pack of hand wipes and Clorox wipes. He's in charge of carrying his own water bottle and he also carries his own backpack now when we go out to restaurants, longer car rides, etc that has his stuff to keep him occupied (Leappad, coloring stuff, books, etc). I do carry a snack size ziploc with 2 pieces of paper folded up and a few crayons for him as well for emergency situations! Sometimes I throw in a few party favor sized packs of Wikki Stix as well since they keep both kids occupied.

    I keep an emergency diaper bag in the car at all times (and have since they were newborns) that has full changes of clothes and sweatshirts for both kids as well as a blanket, washcloth, microfiber towel, trash bag, feminine products for me, first aid kit, etc. The stuff in the emergency bag has been utilized MANY times throughout the past 9+ years (pee accidents, muddy clothes, sudden temperature drops, bloody noses, cut fingers, etc)!
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    Technically 3.
    1. The Columbia Trekster diaper bag we use All.The.Time
    2. An Eddie Bauer diaper bag that only gets used for overnights
    3. A freebie from the hospital that I used to transport my pump to and from work. - I'm done pumping so this one is just sitting in the basement unused.

    The only other diaper bags we've had were freebies from the hospital and I've given them all away. We bought the two we have before Stachio was born and haven't ever used anything else. One of the few things we bought and use them exactly as intended and haven't replaced. My kids are 18 mo and 3.5 yo.
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    Ho boy, I really LOVE bags and have many diaper bags and purses. I use some of my diaper bags as just general travel bags too (Ju Ju Be Prepared as a travel carry on). I've had Land's End, Eddie Bauer, Fleurville sling tote, Ju Ju Be (all styles), Petunia Picklebottom, Vera Bradley, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, and a few that are no longer available. I find the machine washability of the Ju Ju Be to be an amazing feature - even with a 4 and 9 year old my bags occasionally have a spill and bath. I've gotten rid of all the bags over the years except Ju Ju Be and Kate Spade. The cardboard in the bottom of the Vera Bradleys is a problem and it's not water resistant (rain, water parks, pools, etc), and ditto for the PPB. My purses have not worked well as diapers bags because of the mess factor for me (snacks, drinks, sticky kid hands, etc).
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    In the traditional sense of the word, none I guess. I own two very large purses and stuff them full. If I'm carrying it around regularly, I want it to look ok with what I'm wearing (which sounds terribly vain....but really, I'm not!), so I've never been a diaper bag person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azazela View Post
    I have a slight Ju Ju Be obsession so I've had quite a few over the years.
    Yup. In fact, I really can't begin to remember all I've had over the past 8 years. DH would be appalled! So, focusing on the current baby - I have one diaper bag I use! When DD3 gets older, I'll switch to my JJB purse so I guess that is two.

    Now, what do I need to sell? 4 JuJuBes, 2 Lands End, 1 Skip Hop. Luckily, I gave away a few when my cousins had babies. Diaper bags, handbags, shoes, coats - who can have just one?

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    DC is 3yo, and I've switched over to carrying a purse. I still have a load diaper bag in my car though.

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