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    Quote Originally Posted by gatorsmom View Post
    I went as far as to strip them naked and if they still would not wake up (not uncommon for sleepy preemies), I'd use a wet wash cloth on them. I'd have to continue to do this once they latched on because they'd often fall asleep nursing after the first few sips and I wanted them to tank up. They were much more likely to sleep for a long time with a full belly. "Snacking" meant I never got to sleep. So keeping them awake for the full feeding was essential.
    LOL yes we continued tickling during nursing until I felt the sleepy one had eaten a whole meal! And your post reminds me that one time (just once), DH got some ice to wake up the sleeping baby by putting it on her feet LOLOL!!!

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    You guys are awesome. You've given such great suggestions and advice. My mom has been helping me this weekend and we got a ton of stuff done. DH cleaned out the closet in what will be their room and put up Ikea closet organizers today. My mom dug everything out of the attic that we had yesterday and we sorted through all of it.

    Some things I ended up having a ton of and some things I discovered we had almost none because they got stained or worn out and tossed. (I have a gazillion blankets apparently but remembered having none so I have been buying some. Now I have enough for quadruplets I think, lol.) I found one bath towel so obviously I need more of those. Any favorites for those? I still need a few onesies, snap snap shirts and gowns but should have plenty of sleepers now. I dug out my cloth diaper stash and discovered that I had save a lot more than I remembered but almost all of them were mediums and larges so I'm really glad that I had ordered all the preemie and newborn size. I'll still need to get some smalls but I'm completely set for now. All of our bottles have bpa in them so I will need to sort that out. Hopefully we will only need a few.

    In the evening my mom took me to a baby store in the city an hour away. It was awesome. They set me up in a glider with a cold bottle of water and proceeded to bring everything to me. Plus they stayed open an extra hour just for me so I get try to get everything done in one stop. I got a twin breastfeeding pillow, video monitor with two cameras (a necessity in our large house), car seats (chicco keyfit 30's in foxy which was really pretty in person), one snugabunny swing and bouncer (discounted floor model), one rock n play (also discounted floor model), four of the medela breastfeeding bottles, car seat covers, a few decorative things for the nursery that matches their bedding, ordered the glider recliner we wanted, and ordered the stroller. I had planned on getting the valco spark duo (which they don't keep in stock so I couldn't see it in person) but I was totally impressed with the baby jogger city select. It even works as just a stroller frame for the car seats and although it will be a little heavier than the snap n go, it seems like people hate pushing the snap n go so I think this was a good option. DH even let me get the dark purple color which is gorgeous and not at all something he would pick. I really liked that you can switch the stroller from a single to a double and can put the seats/car seats/bassinets in either direction in a gazillion combinations. I know there is no one stroller that does it all but I think this will be more than adequate for now. We'll probably want to get a lightweight side by side at some point but I won't worry about it until we need it. I left feeling like I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders because even if they came today (They better not! I'm only 24 weeks.) we have enough to get by since we only need a few odds and ends. We may end up needing duplicates of things like the rock n play but this way we can see what the babies prefer and go from there.

    Then we went out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and even though there was a 40 min wait I suddenly had a "reservation" and they seated us immediately. I haven't gone out for anything other than doctor's appts in over 3 months so it was tons of fun. I didn't do much walking and didn't get any contractions so I think my body did just fine. I have to admit that I was super excited to be getting all of the baby stuff. It's been such a stressful pregnancy that it was the first time I let myself forget about the worries completely and just have fun looking forward to their arrival. I think it did me a world of good.

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