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    My mom received a full crib set from a friend of my sister's. It's the crib, changing table, and nightstand. It's a lovely set. Unfortunately, it's like 2 years old or so and has a drop side.
    So my dad took it up himself to "fix" it. He basically secured the side - there's no way it's going to drop now (he was hanging on it to make sure, and he's quite heavy).
    My mom has offered me the full set. Do you think it's ok? It would be lovely to not have to pay for this stuff... I'm confident my dad's fix makes the side unable to drop. Is there anything else I need to worry about?

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    If the drop side is immobilized I would have no problem using it. The repair kits that manufacturers send out are just to do that same thing: ensure the drop side is fixed.
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