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    Default Can baby become addicted to white noise machine


    Our DS2 is 9 months old. When he was 5 months old we began using marpac in his bedroom.
    He sleeps between 10-12 hours at home. However in his daycare his naps are very short. He takes one 10-15 minute nap and one 30-60 minute nap.
    We are trying to figure out why his naps are so short.
    Sometimes he comes home and looks very tired.

    Could lack of Marpac be cause of his sleeping issues in daycare?


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    I don't think it is necessarily the lack of sound machine. However, DD's daycare added one in her old room for a kid. DD sounds very similar to your son. DD started daycare at 5 months and was at one daycare until she was 10 months. While there, she never napped more than 30-45 minutes at a time and often would only nap 30-45 mins total an entire day. At home she slept for 12-13 hours at night, and on weekends was taking two naps during the day, one three hours and the other 1 hour. I think she was catching up on her lack of sleep during the week. At 10 months she moved to a new daycare and started napping better. The things that made the difference: in the new daycare, they had a separate room for when they allowed the kids to nap on their own schedule; and they always put DD down at the same time and I had them let her nap once a day (1pm every day). At 12 months, she moved into a new room. In this room, all the kids go down at once.

    Personally, I think DD did not nap at the first daycare because she wanted to socialize and play. I am convinced that because there were other kids up when they tried to put her down, she refused to sleep. I wonder if the answer is to see if they can set up a segregated area for your son to nap in.

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