HELP! DD1 is 3 and has been waking up anywhere between 4:30-5:30 for the past week with the exception of 1 day (when she slept until 8).

At first I thought she was waking up because she needed to pee. Those first 2 nights she stayed dry because I took her right to the bathroom when she woke (she woke me up by turning on the light in her room) After those two nights I have made her go to the bathroom when she wakes, but her pullup is already wet. So, I'm not sure if peeing is what is waking her....

How do I get her back to sleep? When she wakes I turn on the hall light at her request, and I leave it on because she'll freak out if I turn it off during these early morning wakings. She has only fallen back to sleep once when she wakes up so early.

We had it so good - she was waking up close to 7 and knows to stay in her room until her Time to Wake clock turns green. Now that all seems to be out the window...DD2 is 4mo and I had them in the same room, but I took DD2 out again since DD1 was turning on her light when she woke.

She goes to bed around 7-7:30 and has been falling asleep really quickly since she has stopped napping, but does this mean she needs a later bedtime? Or earlier? I'm so tired!