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    Default Looking for the longest Rock n play use!

    DD2 is 6 months- has reflux, and still badly needs swaddling to sleep. Most people I've heard around here say that they stopped using the RNP around 5-6 months. Frankly, I'm terrified to stop- the combination of the RNP and the swaddling are the only thing that she will sleep with.

    I'm thinking when I get her out of the RNP I'll also have to stop the swaddling- she'll roll over and HATES being on her tummy.

    Sooooo- I'm wondering- can I keep using it? Or should I just suck it up and stop both things and start sleep training? What was your experience transitioning out of it? Especially if you also swaddled??

    She sleeps great now (after many painful months of NOT)- sleeps 7-8 hours, eats, and then another 2-3 immediately thereafter
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    We still use it for naps. Ds2 is a little over 5 mo. My only worry would e sitting up. If in the same room in a baby that can't sit itself up and is swaddled, I think ok. Worst case would be a tumble out, which would involve crying but unlikely to cause real injury
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