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Thread: Twin or Full?

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    Hi Everyone,

    We're in the midst of ordering furniture for our future DD. When we bought furniture for our DS we purchased a set with a crib that converted to a full. That worked really well for us because he has plenty of space in his room. However, our other two bedrooms are smaller, around 11.5 x 10. The layouts aren't great either with positioning of windows and double closets with doors which swing out about 2 feet.

    Right now I'm very conflicted whether we should order a convertible crib which will eventually turn into a full bed, or whether we should just buy a non-convertible crib and a twin bed. With the pieces we are considering they come out to the same price. My concern with the twin bed is whether it would be enough room to do things such as sit with DD and read her books before bed. The concern with the full bed is it will cut down on the amount of space.

    For those of you who have twin beds in your kids room, are you happy with that decision? Is there enough space to sit comfortable with your child on it?

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    We have twin beds for both boys, in the same room. Plenty of room to sit and read books! I snuggle with each boy individually, though, because with three of us in one twin, I feel like I'm going to fall out. My husband is smaller than me, though, and he can snuggle with both boys at once.

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    We have twin beds - Captain's beds in small bedrooms. Both provide plenty of room for DH or myself to sit with one or both DDs for the reading/singing bedtime routines.

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