Who are the moderators?
This board is owned by authors Denise & Alan Fields. With a 1000 new posts a day and the authorsí busy schedule, the Fields needed help in moderating the boards (making sure rules are enforced, spam is removed, etc).

We, the moderators, are members of the community who have volunteered to help. We are busy moms who love the BBB community and think itís the best online parenting forum out there. We feel lucky to have a chance to give something back to this group that has given us so much over the years!

Why did my thread disappear?
Threads may be moved if they are placed in the wrong forum. Look for a redirect - it may lead you to the thread's new location.

Threads may also be moved to a hidden forum for review by the moderators. This most often happens if there are multiple posts that are problematic or if the mod team is receiving many alerts about the same thread. Depending on the number of violations, the mods may decide to edit or remove some posts, bring the thread back in its original form, or leave it hidden indefinitely.

Why did my post disappear?
If you are a new user, your post may be in the moderation queue. It will appear once it is approved.

Posts may be hidden for review, as well. If you have a question about a post that disappeared, please contact a moderator via PM or email.

What should I do if I think someone is breaking the rules?
Click the report icon and type a message to the moderators about your concerns. This sends a message to the mods and the board owners simultaneously.

I see spam on the forum! What can I do about it?
Click the report icon and type "Spam" or something similar in the comments. If you see multiple messages by the same spammer, you only need to alert one of them.

Why was this user suspended or banned?
Users may be warned, suspended or banned for violating the forum rules. As a general policy, specifics of disciplinary actions taken against users are not discussed. However, some examples of behavior that has resulted in suspension and banning include personal attacks, repeated disregard of warnings, and registering a second user account to harrass other community members. It is rare that a user is banned for only one infraction. You may only know of one rule violation, but most likely they have been warned/suspended in the past.

Why was this user not disciplined?
They may have been. In most cases, users are warned prior to receiving a suspension or being banned. Warnings are between the user and the mod team/site owners.

Why was this missed? Why didnít you enforce this rule?
We canít read every post in every thread. We try our best, but we do miss things. If you see something that you think is a rule violation, please use the report button and explain. Weíll be happy to take a look!

I have a question about something the moderators did. What should I do?
Please send one of the mods a PM or email. The links are at the bottom of the forum pages. If you donít feel comfortable doing this, please contact the Fields directly. They are happy to answer questions and receive feedback!