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    I ended up returning the oakwood home and townhome that I had bought at barnes and noble with the buy one get one half off deal-and bought the cloverleaf instead! Even though the idea of the three girls playing with two houses is sweet, the Cloverleaf is so much better suited for play it seems...and if they really love it then I can always add on in the future.
    Last Christmas, DH & I bought the townhouse for DD thinking it was big enough to house her Hopscotch Rabbit family (which we included with) and thought that should be sufficient as a starter. After a day of playing, she told us she'd like the manor and collect more CCs. So beware!

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    What's the youngest age DD might start wanting these? She is only 16 months, but I am *in love* with the little critters and am trying to make a semi-rational decision about buying or waiting!!!
    Some of the parts are really cute but tiny (especially the accessories), and the label says it's not for children under the age of 3. I'd wait since your DD is still very young.
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    Thanks for the advice - looks like the manor is back at full price on Amazon so my decision to hold off is easier :-)

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