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    Quote Originally Posted by indigo99 View Post
    I decided facebook was worth a try so I posted there about being disappointed with their "exchange", and they posted that they'd look into it. I got a call from CS and talked to someone who said she'd get back to me. She then left me a voicemail saying they'd give me 30% off the new sheets if I want to keep them *sigh* That's how much they would have been if I had purchased them with a discount code back in December when all this started so it's amazing that it took a department manager to get permission to even give me that.
    I'm really surprised and disappointed to hear that. I wonder if their CS is changing....their deals have gotten better and better maybe they can't afford to back up their products any more. I'm sorry they didn't do better.

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    I, too, wonder if their CS is changing. Couple of years ago when they messed up the monogramming on a heavily discounted backpack I called to get an exchange but they had sold out and instead offered me a non-discounted (more expensive) backpack.

    I have noticed lately they sometimes use a third party calling center and I would caution to not use them as they have made several mistakes and they also do not have the authority to do adjustments and such.

    When I call I can tell if it's GH or the third party by the voice, GH usually sounds like a grandma or grandpa answering the phone whereas the third party sounds much younger (and I asked to confirm).

    I wonder if emails are answered by third parties as I did not hear back from the last two emails I sent and before it used to be answered within 24hrs.

    The calling center did say that GH has been really busy so have started using them more.

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