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    Default Huge props to - regarding recent sale

    I was able to take advantage of the sale a week ago using the 40% off one toy code. When I opened the package I realized they sent me the wrong item. I called CS and had to wait forever on hold, but when I got through the customer service rep was awesome. It turns out they had the wrong image for the truck I wanted. The customer rep is going to refund me the difference for the toy AND send me the new truck while letting me keep the original truck with no extra cost to me. I will definitely shop with them again!

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    Nice to hear about good customer service!

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    I had a similar experience with them last year, only it was my mistake. I ordered a princess CD for my girls, but it came and it was different than the one I thought I had ordered. I called about how to return it and they credited my account to buy the one I wanted (or to use on anything else on any of their sites) and let me keep the one I didn't want and said to pass it on to someone who would like it, to pass on the good Karma. They've also been very helpful about codes that I can't get to work on any of their sites (they automatically credit the account with the amount that should be discounted, and I can place the order right away.)

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    I concur. They (, etc) have been amazing to deal with.

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    They've always been very helpful and I also got a freebie after usp "lost" a package coming from them in the mail (the package eventually made it, just many days later than expected). It was entirely usp's fault, but yoyo credited my account with more than I needed to buy the item again.

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    I got my stuff two days after I ordered. It was very stress free. I also loved that I was able to take advantage of the free shipping because I ordered something from, and they didn't even charge me shipping even though my after sale total was only $40, and their free shipping is usually only $49+.
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    I agree, great service! I had ordered a Kidorable jacket for DS in the pirate print and ended up being shipped the dinosaur print in the wrong size. (They were having a massive sale and I would guess it was due to overload.). When I called, they immediately shipped the correct item and told me to give the other as a gift if I couldn't use it.

    I was also impressed with them when I ordered DS's Radian.

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