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    Exclamation Thank you!!

    I have loved after reading about it in BB and registering there. I still shop a ton for Mopey and others there so of course it was my go-to site to grab last minute holiday mary janes. And some cute pink Converse!

    So I tried to use my 30% off coupon twice and it kept removing the savings when I went to check out.

    I called to see what the problem was and spoke with the nicest gentleman who said since I was such a good customer he would see what he could do.

    And he was able to put a $15 credit on my account - that's double what the coupon would have saved me

    Thank you!! It definitely feels nice to be an appreciated customer
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    I also love I had actually never shopped there before a few weeks ago, when I decided to go ahead and buy a Keekaroo Height Right high chair from them along with the infant insert. When it showed up, the high chair was fine, but the insert was weird; looked like there had been some kind of manufacturing problem and the foam was all mottled and the texture was strange in places. We had already assembled the high chair before we took the insert out of the box, so I called them to see if we could exchange just the insert. They told me they don't sell the insert alone, just the combination . . . so they called Keekaroo and arranged for Keekaroo to exchange it for me.

    I was amazed that they took the time to do that. Of course I could have called Keekaroo myself, but it was so nice to see that they'll make sure that things are right with an order from them.


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