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Thread: Love Otterbox!!

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    Default Love Otterbox!!

    We have 5 iphone/ipod touches in our house, and all have otterbox cases. Our oldest ipod touch and an iphone 3GS were being handed down to the 5 and 7 year olds as part of their Hanukkah presents. The cases are over 2 years old and do show some wear and tear- the devices are still brand-new looking though.
    Anyhow, I originally contacted otterbox when cleaning up the ipod touch about getting a different color silicone cover since the case we had was black/black and I though DS would prefer a brighter color. The silicone was ripping in 2 areas after 3 years of use which is not to be unexpected. Otterbox promptly replaced the entire case free!! Even though well out of warranty.

    Fast forward to last night, I took apart my old iphone 3G case to wash it up as it was super grimy (already gave it to DD for Hanukkah) and there was a crack in the hard plastic (no doubt from me or the kids dropping it endlessly over the 2+ years I've had it). I emailed otterbox to see what they could do and voila- new case on the way, free. Even though it was totally years out of warranty.

    Awesome CS!! Love Otterbox!
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    That is awesome!!! Did you contact them via phone or internet? Did you need yo provide them anything like your receipt for proof of purchase? I have had my otter box for about three years and the rubber is not only really grubby and gross but is ripped in three placesand the plastic outer shell is cracked with a piece mmissing. A friend told me otter box is lifetime warranty and they will replace the same exact otterbox, same color as they will not let you get a different color, nothing and you have to submit a picture of the otterbox along with your receipt. Usually Iam very good about keeping my receipts for those types of things but during a house clean out right before my little guy was born I either misplaced or threw out the receipt on accident so I haven't trued to contact them.

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