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    Default Easy carrier to nurse in

    I have a Beco Gemini, Beco Butterfly II, Ergo, Moby Wrap, and a Taylor Made mesh ring sling for water. I watched YouTube videos on nursing in the Gemini and thought that's easy I can do that. I tried it and it did not work at all. I tried the ring sling but couldn' get DS2 in it, I will have to watch some videos and figure out what I'm doing wrong. What carrier did you find easiest to nurse in? I'm so ready to get out of the house and want to keep the babe as protected from germs as I can. And it is hard taking care of a 2 year old when I have to keep sitting down to nurse the newb. I plan to check the Babywearer forums too I know they are highly recommended here, but I'm afraid I will be overwhelmed with info and hoping to find a solution quick.
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    I never really got the hang of nursing in a carrier. I'm fairly busty and short torsoed, so I thought that contributed.

    Some mamas have an easier time in wraps & mei tais than in SSCs like Ergo, Beco Gemini, etc.

    Some mamas have better luck with ring slings.

    I sort of did OK in my wrap tied as a sling, but it wasn't hands-free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaharris83 View Post
    I have a Beco Gemini, Beco Butterfly II, Ergo, Moby Wrap
    I have these too (and a Baby k'tan) and I like the ergo best for nursing. I think the ergo works so well now because he's at just the right height to make it easy. I liked the beco butterfly better with my DD. I love the gemini, but not for nursing.

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    I had best success nursing in a ring sling with itty bitty babes and an Ergo for slightly (& significantly older) ones. I think it is a matter of practice and finding the right fit for you and your baby. GL!

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