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    Default 2013 items for 2013

    I enjoyed doing this last year even though I only made it to the halfway mark. Anyone else want to play?

    ETA: We count anything that has been hanging around the house unloved that exits your house. Items can be sold, recycled, given away, or trashed. Clothes, books, gear, paperwork that you know needs to go but you haven't been able to let go of, expired food from your pantry, food you pass on to someone else because you know you aren't going to use it. If you see it and think I really need to get rid of that, it counts. People can guesstimate how many items are in bags and boxes if you don't want to count - just eyeball it and decide how many things you think are inside.

    I kept a tablet near my phone and would add tally marks as things moved from my house to the garage donate pile. That worked for me but do whatever works for you. I would post the list to this thread and total it. Next time you can just quote your last post and add the new items and get a new total.

    Have fun reclaiming your home!!
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    I am totally in.

    Here goes for my 2nd trip to Goodwill since January 1st, to be dropped off tomorrow:
    One changing table
    One bouncy seat
    27 pieces of clothing

    29 total
    DS - 11/08
    DS2- 2/13

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    I'm in!!
    So far this year:

    gave away (to friends and family)
    1 asparagus steaming pot
    1 bowl
    5 jars (old mason jars collecting dust in a cabinet)

    Running total: 7

    too bad december didn't count - finally gave up on having kiddo #2 and gave 6 years of girls clothes to charity!

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    I'm in!

    I did a lot of decluttering last year and was very motivated by this idea/thread for 2012. Unfortunately, so much more could leave our home!

    Are there any guidelines to ballpark for how many items(clothes) fits into a black garbage bag? a kitchen garbage bag?

    Yay, I am happy to have this support to move forward on my goals and to cheer you all on!
    Mom to 2

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    Default i'm in -- I think.

    2013 seems like such a large number (about 170 items per month!!!), yet won't make a dent into what I need to purge. Help me understand the guidelines so I don't 'create' too many loopholes ... if you know what I mean. : {

    How do you keep track of your running total?

    Do you only count things that you donate/give away.... or do you also count items that you throw away because people really wouldn't use them, but for some reason you have hung on to them..... (I assume I am not the only person who has things in this category.....)

    I may need to make a smaller goal so I feel successful and actually stick to the goal instead of giving up very soon....

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    I'd like to join. So far the only items that have left my house this year are eBay sales--getting rid of some of the baby girl items I kept and extras from the GG sale. I could also use some clarification. For example, is a pair of socks one item or two? How about a bag of blocks? How long does something have to have needlessly occupied space in my home to count? What destinations (donation, selling, trash) count?

    7 items sold on ebay so far this year ($113).
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    We will be moving sometime this year and have way, way, way too much junk that should not come along. This is just what I need!

    So far, I have purged a crock pot and associated travel bag.


    Looks like I better get purging!
    Mom to DD - my thriving preemie - Jan 2009

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    I'd like to play:

    So far: 10 cans of old paint we dropped off at our town's hazardous waste event this past Saturday.

    We also broke down a whole bunch of boxes that sat unused in our garage. We tend to keep boxes for larger items. They go empty and take up lots of space for several years. It was good to get rid of them.

    Running total: 10
    DD1 2005
    DD2 2009

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    I'll play. I have a big bin of stuff that needs to go to the Goodwill, several sets of old sheets/blankets to go to the animal shelter, and a bunch of stuff to return to the stores. Once I do that I'll post my total.
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    I don't have 2013 items to purge after 2012 but we do have some stuff to go.

    So far this month I have sold 16 books and 4 bits of homeschooling curriculum we are done with plus free-cycled 9 other random things. I also tossed 8 rolls of hideous wrapping paper that somehow got abandoned at my house. The paper was just too thin to even use as scratch drawing paper for the kids. It was total junk.

    So I guess that is 37 items so far. The only thing nicer than getting rid of 37 items is the $230 I netted on the book and curriculum things after shipping. Most books sold on Amazon Marketplace and the rest are headed to Powells by mail for a bit of PayPal funds. The homeschool stuff I sold through and the WTM classifieds. With me not working very much so as to be with the boys, I am committed to selling what is reasonably easy to sell rather than dropping it off. Despite many culling of books, we still have a crazy amount of books. I have 5 boxes to sort and sell/swap/donate still. Ridiculous!
    Katie, mama to a pair of boys.

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