Just wanted to share a really good experience that I had with Sierra Trading Post. I ordered a pair of Bogs a few weeks ago and got a shipping notice w/ tracking. Item shipped on 1/4 from IL and was scheduled to arrive 1 day earlier than projected on 1/8. Well 1/8 came and went and the tracking showed no updates other than the 1/4 departure scan. I online chatted w/ STP on 1/8 just because I was curious if they could find out what happened. Of course by 9pm est when I was chatting they couldn't contact UPS so they said they'd follow up with me the next day. Sure enough they did and it was determined that UPS accidentally put my box on a truck/plane to TX. Yup cause the fastest way to NY from IL is of course in a southwest direction. So STP refunded my $7.95 shipping fee. I appreciate that a)they got back to me when they said they would and b)the credited my shipping w/out my asking and when it was UPSs fault, not theirs. So kudos to STP CS!