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    Default naps!

    DD is still taking 4...sometimes naps a day

    i've been charting her sleep and eating for forever and can't see any pattern

    at wits end

    any suggestions for strategies or specific books

    i've been reading the HSHHC and ferber over and over...and their "suggestions" are "intuitive"...yet they don't work!

    i have tried keeping her up 'til the time when a nap "should" start - that fails

    i've tried putting her down when she seems tired...not pushing her into overtired. that fails

    i've tried not nursing to sleep. i've tried nursing to sleep.

    it doesn't matter. she will sleep for 30-45 min. and then she's up. ready to go. and tired 1.5 hours (if i'm lucky...sometimes 1 hr) later

    i really need nap help.
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    yes! go to the baby whisperer forums....hugely detailed for such issues. My DS was doing this at 4-5 months, too. We are nowhere near problem solved but i feel like we're on our way with at least one decent nap. FWIW, both of my kids were crappy nappers til after 6 months.

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    I think some babies are catnappers though. Somebody (Happiest baby? No cry sleep solution?$ talked about thay
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    Ds2 is around the same age and does the same thing. I will sometimes get a nap greater than an hour if he is in the car or I'm snuggling with him but crib naps rarely last longer than 40 minutes and are often substantially less.

    Right now I'm mostly just watching his patterns and doing what I can to encourage a longer afternoon nap while big brother is resting.

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    DD was like that. I would go in and try and put her back down immediately. Sometimes it worked, most of the time it didn't. She was otherwise a happy baby so I just rolled with it the best I could. Around 9 months she settled into 2 naps mostly on her own. Luckily DS was pretty understanding about mommy always putting dd down for a nap.
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