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    Default Where to sell my Beco?

    I have a Beco Butterfly II that I want to sell. I want an Ergo instead, as I'm just not in love with this one. Where can I sell a used one online and for how much? It looks brand new. I didn't use it a whole lot.

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    Hmm, you might have some luck on CL. There's the baby wearers forum, but I think you need a minimum number of posts to sell there. I think there is also a BBB swap group. I think there used to be a couple of babywearing stores that would take trade ins?


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    I sold my Ergo on Craigslist. Can't remember for how much but I remember being super excited about the sale. Maybe $80.

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    Diaperswappers has a baby carrier FSOT board. There is also the Facebook babywearing swap which is very fast moving --- be sure to read the rules before wading into that one! has a 30 day 30 post minimum for FSOT posts and honestly the sales there tend towards the harder to find carrier brands. With a Beco Diaperswappers is a better option to post for sale or for trade for an Ergo.

    There are also a few retailers that buy used carriers. Maybe check out Frogmama or Paxbaby.

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    Default will let you trade it for credit to her store or cash.
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