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    Default Ideas/Tips To Help 7.5 Month Old Twins With Spit-Up

    Hi, I am hoping someone has a suggestion or an idea that we have not tried yet to help reduce the amount of spit-up my 7.5 month old twin dd's still have. *My dd's have always been that happy spitter from day one that never showed any type of pain or discomfort or true signs of acid reflux. *However, they spit-up often when they were little and as they have gotten older and more active and as they always like to put their hands in their mouths the spit-up has increased. *

    They are breastfeeding, but have had some formula too either to help get weight up or due to my previous travel schedule for work. *It doesn't seem to matter what they eat, or drink breastmilk or not they sometimes spit-up. *Now they were a good size when they were born, but due to having their tongues tied and not able to have that issue fixed till they were a month old sucking for them was a major issue and led to them loosing a lot their birth weight. *We are gaining weight appropriately, but really just always seem to squeak by the level that is passing. *My girls are great eaters now that they are eating jar and homemade baby food.
    A little over two weeks ago the Dr. put them on a generic form of Zantec to see if that would help with the spit-up and also to see if it made it easier for them to drink more of their milk at a feeding as she wanted them to actually be offered more milk and leave a little sliver in their bottle that way knew they were getting what they need/wanted. *Ever since been on the medicine I do see a change in they drinking more milk easier, some days no spit-up but then other days seems like they still spit. *

    Also was doing some reading online and found people suggested chiro adjustment which I had no problem with as I have always gone to the chiro all the way through all my pregnancies and even had my older ds adjusted when he was five days old. *Since it was very chaotic this time around with the twins we didn't have them adjusted when they were first born. *So this past Monday I took the dd's to the chiro and had them adjusted. *He said they were really tight, one more than the other and one had her pelvic out of place. *He did agree that there could be a link between the tightness and stomach issues. *Also he said it might take a few visits to really see a difference. *

    So I'm just wondering if there is any other trick to help with the spit-up that I haven't tried beyond the basic sitting upright after eating, etc. *my dd's really want to explore but when they spit-up so much it is hard .

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Have you tried a 30-degree incline? The 30 degrees is supposed to be the magic number for helping reflux. I used a wedge pillow that had a strap contraption built-in (it was very similar to a tucker sling) and each baby lay in one for about 10 min after each feeding.

    Just simply sitting upright often made it worse, esp when they were too young to have good core muscle strength to really sit up well and so would "slouch" when propped upright which made them spit up more.

    Good luck!

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