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    Default Need For Both City Select & City Mini Strollers

    I got a used City Select which is still in really good condition really for the sole purpose of using the frame like a Snap N Go for my twin dd's infant seats, and someone gave me a used double City Mini that I use now that they are older and really don't need to be in their infant seats when we are out and about. My question is yes I have the seats so I could still use the City Select stroller without the infant seats, but right now I really like the City Mini better as it is much easier to take out of car pop up, put dd's in and go. However, is there going to be a time down the road that I might want the more stadium sitting and not the side by side that I should keep my City Select instead of selling? Btw dd's are 7.5 months if that helps too.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I doubt that you'll need the stadium seating later. The city mini is so easy to get around, even in crowded malls. Plus the 2 seats are "equal" so once your twins get into the fighting stage, it makes it a lot easier. No fighting over which seat to sit in.

    So if it were me, I'd sell it. If space isn't an issue though, it wouldn't hurt to hang onto it if you're not sure. You can always sell later.

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