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    Default REDEMPTION!

    EDITED TO ADD: After being pretty let down by the form letter response, I got an email from the Customer Service Manager who bent over backwards to make it right for me. She really took her time to write a long email explaining what might have happened with some of the books, and she seemed genuinely concerned that I had such a cruddy experience. YAY for a positive outcome and perhaps a double yay for a new place to buy books!


    I was so excited to have found a replacement used book source since BHFO closed, but I just received my first order and I'm so bummed out at the poor quality! Books that were sold as Used-Very Good condition came full of stains (even big chunks of food stuck between the pages on one of them). They are lots of library copies that have chew marks and pencil marks all over them. Two different activity books had parts and pieces missing, and one had been entirely completed by another child and then was sold as Used Like New. What the heck!! I guess I was spoiled by BHFO books always being in great shape, but these were seriously dirty enough I would have passed them up at Goodwill.

    Such a bummer. Just sharing my experience as a warning to others out there. I would say maybe it's a fluke, but I ordered close to 30 books, and only about 6-8 of them are in the condition that was represented.
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