I decided to do a post about this because it was almost a $187 loss for me! Around the Black Friday sales time, I bought a tablet through amazon.ca. It worked great for the first 2 months and then stopped charging. I checked amazon.ca's return policy and it said that you can return something within 30 days of the date of purchase. I contacted the tablet manufacturer to see if they could fix/replace it. They confirmed they would replace it and told me to ship it to them in California. I took it to Canada Post and was told that they would NOT ship it because they will not ship lithium batteries or products containing lithium batteries, across 'international' borders (don't even get me started on the Canada/US border being 'international' - that should be a b*tching post). I asked the clerk what to do and she suggested that couriers *might* ship it. I got home and did some frantic googling and discovered that some couriers will ship lithium batteries but not all will. EEK. I was really freaking out that I was now stuck with a faulty tablet and out $187! I knew Amazon's return policy but figured I had nothing to lose, so emailed them with a plea for help. They got back to me within about 2 hours and said they would make an exception to their 30 day rule and ship me a new tablet! Yay for amazon.ca! I was BEYOND thrilled with their customer service. Having said that I figured I would post this so everyone is aware that you can't (through regular mail, anyway - and I checked and USPS won't ship lithium batteries internationally either) ship products containing lithium batteries. Just a PSA in case anyone is considering buying a tablet (or any other lithium battery powered device) that could potentially require service in the US.