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    Default Trade in the ergo for k'tan???

    I got the ergo sport and the infant incert for my baby shower. Just tried to use it the other way and felt that it's too bulky.
    Did some research and felt that the baby k'tan seems to be easier to use than the moby wrap and not as bulky.

    So, should I exchange it?
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    I have a K'tan and a Beco Gemini (not exactly the same but a SSC, as well). I like them both. DD prefers the Beco since birth (but she's a weird one, she hated swaddling, too and preferred having her arms and legs out). The K'tan is definitely easier to use than a wrap (Moby) and there's a lot less fabric so it's lighter. I haven's used either with a bigger baby or toddler, but so far I find both are comfortable and easy on my back (DD is 15.5 pounds)

    That said, I got the Beco and not the Ergo because it doesn't need an additional insert for newborns, I think if I needed an additional piece, I'd prefer the K'tan. Have you used a wrap before? Do you like them? The K'tan is basically a foolproof wrap, and also since it's sized your DH might not be able to use it, in case that's a consideration. Oh, another plus for the K'tan: you can roll it up and stash it in the diaper bag.
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    I have a Moby, a Beco Butterfly II, a Beco Gemini, and an Ergo Performance. The Moby is really good for younger babies, I'm guessing the K'Tan is too. Once DS1 got big enough for the Ergo without the insert he loved it and so did we. I didn't have the Beco Gemini until DS2 but he has loved that since birth. He likes the Moby too. If I were you I'd keep the Ergo for when your DC is big enough to use it without the insert. We still carry our 31 month old in the Ergo so it lasts forever once they're big enough to use it. You could get a K'tan until your DC fits the Ergo. has K'tans often and they have 15% off baby stuff with the code BDAY4 until midnight tomorrow.
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    I had both, and a ringsling. Ringsling was hard to use; ktan was awesome.

    But it's really (or at least for us) for newborns. I couldn't see using past 6 mo--and that's when you'll need your ergo. So , I wouldn't put a newborn in a ergo (not because it's not safe; because it's not as functional for that stage). And vice versa-- the ergo is better for older babies.

    I would get the ktan and keep the ergo.
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    DD2 is 5 1/2 months old and I have both the ergo and the k'tan. The ergo is definitely bulky with the infant insert, so I've mostly used the k'tan at this point. It's definitely easy to use and supports her well. I am finding that as she gets bigger and heavier, I can't tolerate it for as long because it strains my back and neck. With DD1 we used the ergo till she was well over 2 yrs old, so I anticipate switching DD2 over to it soon. She's just not a fan of the straddling position used with older babies in the ergo yet, which is why I haven't switched over to it.

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    I'd return the ergo infant insert but keep the carrier. You can then use the money towards a K'tan, moby or something like a freehand mei tei for the next few months. FWIW my babies both liked the Ergo and Beco Gemini right around 4.5 months.

    Frogmama has some helpful video reviews of common carriers.

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    Keep the ergo for when your baby is bigger. The k'tan is better for a little baby.

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    I freaking hate the Ergo infant insert. Worst baby gear thing EVER.

    Use your wrap - you can keep a Moby on your body pre-tied & pop baby in & out for quick-hit trips.

    IDK that I'd get a K'Tan at all - its lifespan is really limited.
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