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    Default LOFT order issue

    So I ordered 3 items the other day from LOFT during the 30% off sale. I was tracking those items over the last few days and was excited they were due to arrive today. One is a swim suit, and I want to get it tried on and ruled in or out. I have some others in mind and I always wait too long and have my size sell out, so I want to start early.

    Anyway, today I receive a package, and it contains 3 items. But not one single item is something I ordered. The correct packing slip is in there, I verify that I ordered the right things, double check my email confirmations, etc. Yep, everything is okay on my end. But yeah, the items in my package have nothing to do with what I ordered.

    I called LOFT, and I'm asked for my info, the SKU #s of the items I received. CS rep tells me they will be "investigating over the next 3-5 days. Based on the results of the investigation, we'll contact you with how to proceed, decide whether we need to reorder, refund, etc.."

    I laughed. I didn't mean to. I apologized to the CS rep and said I was just surprised that it was going to take that long to rectify things, and that I realize it isn't her fault.

    Really LOFT? You can't just like ship the RIGHT items out to me, like ASAP, to make it right? I've been waiting a week, and now what, another 3-5 business days, and *then* you'll ship the right items out to me and tell me what to do with what I have here? Thanks. That's super awesome. Especially because today is Friday and oh, 3-5 Business days will be a while!

    I once received the wrong items from Hanna Andersson. I think they just shipped the correct items right away, but that was years ago.

    Maybe I am asking too much. It just seems ridiculous that it would take that long to "investigate." But thanks, LOFT! I haven't ordered online from you in years but this isn't making me feel really good about the CS.

    edited to add:
    I updated in the Lounge, but will update here.

    I called back and asked for a manager. I was asked why, so I went through what happened in the earlier call, and said that once I had a chance to process it, it really seemed terribly unfair, etc. The CSR did not put a manager on the phone, but told me "there *is* another way we can handle this." So I'm calling UPS, they are picking it up, and they reordered for me. However, they insisted that I'll have a double charge until they receive the incorrect order back, and then they will credit me.

    Thanks for the sanity check. I hung up after the initial conversation and just thought, why do I feel like that was all wrong?? and then thought maybe I was being unreasonable. The whole thing just left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I am going to write corporate now, because the whole thing was just awful. I won't be ordering from ATL. It was a pretty terrible experience.
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