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    Default 1 minute muffin recipe?

    Saw this referenced here in a thread about flax. I'm gluten free and miss breads and muffins and haven't invested yet in the various other kinds of flours (mainly because my local grocery store doesn't sell them ). But I did find some Bob's Red Mill flax meal today so I picked up a bag to try the muffin. I added in some mashed banana, bit of vanilla flavoring, nutmeg, and the cinnamon it called for, and also used coconut oil instead of butter and honey instead of stevia since I don't have that on hand. I had to cook it an extra 30 sec. because it was still too doughy after 1 minute (probably because of the banana and I wasn't sure how much coconut oil to use). So it cooked OK, but was kinda bland and left a really weird aftertaste. What am I missing? And does anyone have other suggestions of what to put in it to flavor it up some?

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    I haven't tried that one, but we get Pamela's GF mix (buy at DH makes tons of mug muffins with it with great success, using the exact same amount as regular wheat flour that is called for.

    Our favorite recipe is a 1 minute brownie:
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    I think flax meal alone is pretty dense, probably better mixed with something else.
    You can try some of these:
    They are vegan recipes and she always mentions if you can sub flours (I think they all will work with a gf blend). I am partial to the chocolate cake, it was a delicious way to get my chocolate fix when I was dairy free for about 8 months of nursing DS.
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    Golden flax is a little lighter tasting if you go that route and you happened to use the darker stuff. Flax is by nature kinda grassy tasting, and that bothers some people more than others.

    I prefer to use almond flour or a mix of almond/flax, although I haven't made a minute muffin in a while. If you used regular ground flax, I just think it has a more flaxy taste than golden...but golden may just be too flaxy for you too.

    Did you use baking powder? Did it rise okay? Just bland? Did you try a little salt in there? Did you have enough sweetener?

    Here's a lot of variations:
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