My questions/concerns about the following: Is this something 4-6 year old boys are likely to find fun? Is there a way to make a fairy party more unisex? I chose an 11:00 am Sat time over a 3 pm Sunday time because the afternoon is deep in nap territory for us and probably some of our guests. But I'm concerned that most families are pretty busy Sat mornings in the spring and am second-guessing the time. The guest list includes ages 3-6 (siblings). We're inviting close friends, her preschool class and some kids from church. The max # of kids for the party is 16 and we definitely won't have that many. She has a list in mind that includes acquaintances - Is it tacky to invite people you don't really know well? I always feel like it is. Becoming a Mom is making me change my social perspectives. We'll invite who she wants (within reason), but I hate that people would think it's just to have bodies at a party. TIA for suggestions! Talk me down from getting crazier about this, please...

It's over-the-top for us - We won't be doing this every year. It's the end of DD's time with her preschool friends of 3 years. She has expressed disappointment that she won't be going to school anywhere near them and I think this would be a positive way to wrap things up. Half of her class is boys. I'm worried that this theme she asked for and loves is going to be off-putting to the boys and we'll end up missing them. How do you make "Fanciful Fairy Party" sound attractive to boys on a bday party invitation? I like to think that boys are as interested in themes marketed to girls as girls are in things traditionally "boy", but I don't have boys, so maybe that's just a nice thought. ?

DD loves fairies and we've found a place that puts on a party with a "fanciful fairy" theme, held outdoors when possible, complete with a Fairy Godmother who is the hostess, leads the kids on fairy hunts and in games and stories, and provides wands, wings and fairy dust. (And goody bags of loot that are basically full of promotional stuff for this awesome private park.) I've seen pics and it's not as unisex as the representative described on the phone. It's pink, purple and lace. I like that the place provides the tablecloths and entertainment but I don't have a say in the colors. We provide the cake and any other refreshments. I think the Fairy Godmother has her own stories and games and I've been told she incorporates "boy fairies" in her gig.

DD's oldest boy friend's mom said he'd love it. She described it to him in front of me and asked if he'd like that kind of party and he was enthusiastic.

Too girly? How to make it more unisex? Favor ideas welcome. What's tacky? What's not? Help!