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    Default wrap/sling/carrier for an older baby

    Hello. Can someone please recommend something that I can hold my baby who is 1 year old and 23 pounds. He has chronic pain and needs to be held a lot and I would like to be able to hold him and do stuff around the house. it would also be good if he can sleep in it while I hold him during the night when the pain gets worse. I am not sure the difference between a wrap/sling/carrier.


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    we love the Ergo. all of mine have used it (on my back) to go to sleep every night and most naps. up to at least age 2-2.5. its very comfy and easy for me to get things done in the evening this way.

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    I'd look into a SSC (soft structured carrier) like the Ergo, or a woven wrap (non-stretchy gives better support for older babies). A sling would be harder IMO because it's a one shoulder carry, so harder on your back / shoulder.

    Visite for more advice, they are super helpful and have a wealth of information to help you choose a carrier.
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    PP have given great suggestions. I'd also look to see if there is a babywearing group in your area. If so that's also an easy way to try out lots of carriers and get personal advice.

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    I carried Peanut all over on our vacation in the Ergo when he was just 1 yo. But when his big bro got tired, I'd throw him in it, too. (DH would carry Peanut if Stachio was in the carrier). He was 3 yr 2 mo the last time I carried him in it. That is why we got the works with both kids!

    I saw another woman about my size (med height, med build) carrying her 3 yo in her Ergo last summer, too. LOVE it!

    ETA: That is confusing....I only have one child at at time in the ergo...not a 1 yo and 3 yo at the same time! I just meant to say, that it could be used for my older kiddo as well!
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