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    Thanks everyone. Glad to hear others swaddled for a while. I got the Swaddle Strap and its been working great.
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    2.5 months, and he started sleeping face down and now he can't sleep facing up.
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    Yes, do what works! We stopped swaddling DD very early, because she was a terrible sleeper, rolled all over the place, and insisted on "sleeping" (I use the term loosely) tummy down from an early age.

    We swaddled DS FOREVER! He was probably a year old and able to walk before we stopped swaddling. He really loved it and slept like a rock on his back. We didn't use a contraption with him, though. My mother made us large square blankets we used as swaddles. He uses them for his nap blankets now at preschool.

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    Haha -- I didn't realize this was an older thread that just got bumped. I was reading it, getting ready to reply, then I found a PP who had posted something that *exactly* fit what I wanted to say. I was getting ready to quote so I could do a "yeah that"....then I glanced at the author of the was me, 2 months ago! No wonder the reply fit
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