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    Default Target Canada - Update - One opened near me!!

    Update - Earlier this week, a bunch of new Target stores opened in Ontario and the one super close to me was included . YAY!!!
    I happened to be at Cdn Tire that is in the same mall so I just *had* to go check-out Target. This particular one was an old Zellers store. The transformation is unbelievable!! The Zellers was so bad, long narrow aisles with high shelves and you could never find anything or a salesperson for assistance.

    I walked into Target and they had completely opened up the store. No more long, dark aisles. It is super bright and cheerful looking. Also it is a 2-floor store and the old Zellers had a very narrow escalator plus an old rickety elevator if you needed to take a cart up. They made the escalator area much wider so there is now an up and down one side by side plus a really cool escalator for carts right next to it.

    Lots of sales people all over the store, happy, cheerful asking if you need help. They had the checkout area completely staffed and had someone directing traffic. I don't know if this is because it just opened or if it will always be like this.

    As for products, I really only had a few minutes to run through it but they have a lot of the women's champions workout and athletic wear that looked nice. They had some kids circo and cherokee stuff. I think it might be a smaller selection than what you typically see in the US stores but they are not fully stocked yet. The kids bedroom and bathroom stuff is really cute. I saw a set of 100% cotton sheets double size for $29.99 with a cute girly pattern. They had a food area upstairs. I didn't look through it too carefully. I saw some of the "up and up" brand stuff like sandwich bags and disposable plates.

    Pricing - I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that it is lower than I expected. They seem to be trying to keep clothing below $20 and item. Lots at $14.99 and $19.99. Boys polo shirts were $11.99. It is a much higher quality product than walmart and my initial sense is that the pricing is a bit lower but I can't say for sure.

    Oh, there is also a Starbucks inside .

    Another nice thing to see was that the mall it is in was super busy. It had been really dead for some time and it was pretty depressing to walk through there. I was there around 5pm and the food court was packed. It's just so nice to see other retailers benefiting from all the increased foot traffic. That mall also has a Bay in it. Should be interesting to see what happens with that. It's a really convenient location for me and would be amazing if the Bay or Hudson Bay Company as they are now calling themselves could clean up their act and become more competitive.

    Has anyone been to one of the 3 Target test stores in Ontario yet?
    I'm curious as to how they compare to the US ones. I'm a good hour drive from one of them and I'm not curious enought to drag myself out there. There is one opening very close to me in the spring and I really hope it will be good.
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