any nice tops you'd recommend? ideally it would have to be something i could wear to work, so no yoga tanks, etc. luckily it's fairly casual (jeans are allowed, i usually wear dipper pants or Bettona pants).

i have a Athleta Sochi top that i really, really like and i wear to work when i can. however i went to buy another and theyr'e sold out of all the other colors! i'd love to find something similar. heck now that summer's coming, even something short sleeve would be ok.

anyway, i'm already pretty well stocked with Athleta bottoms (i have 1 pair of Bettona classic pants, 3 Dipper pants, 3 Dipper skorts, 3 Dipper shorts, 2 whatever skorts, 2 chimney rock shorts). i realized i need more *tops* to go with them!