First I wanted to ask if you all would recommend a particular type of scooter. I was thinking of getting the Mini Kick scooter, from a very brief review of these on amazon. I have not seen any in person to know how they maneuver or how high the handlebars are.

Second, I was thinking of getting beginner roller skates or in-line skates. Maybe this one ( or this one ( NO idear whatsoever if the regular or in-line are better. Thoughts? Or do you have a different kind you love for a beginner?

My son already has little people stuff, a bicycle, ride-ons, basketball hoop, sandbox, and water table. Any other suggestions?? He also likes the lego duplos, so maybe some add ons for that. Are there any tractors or crane-type things you would recomend at this age? Hard to tell how big some of these things are online from the picture so far. He loves trucks, diggers, and cranes though!

Thanks so much!