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    Quote Originally Posted by sntm View Post
    9 months is usually a common time where babies get easily distracted - doesn't mean they are ready to wean. Keep offering at least 5x day. Usually by 10-11 months they are less amazed by the world and remember how good the nursies are. My 11 1/2 mo old is back to asking (tugging on my shirt) and if he sees me shirtless, goes bananas. Getting dressed this morning was interesting.

    DS2 has small snacky meals even now, so he eats food 4-5 times a day but the same type of stuff, meal type foods. Unless DSO gets up with him, when he ends up having goldfish crackers for breakfast.
    oh, i'm not thinking she's ready to fully wean! and i am certainly not ready for it either.

    i'm just wondering if i'm offering too much/too often. that maybe if i offered less,than she would be more receptive, or maybe even seek it out.

    thanks, guys
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    I think it's more the age, rather than related to how often/when you offer
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