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    LOVED my Pikkolo. I used it from infant to age 1 (then switched to Ergo). It was so portable and easy to fold into the diaper bag, super adjustable, comfy and easy to use. Highly recommended!

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    I have a Pikkolo and I love it. I used a Moby (happily) until about 4 months, then switched to the Pikkolo and have been using it since. I've also used the Beco Gemini (a friend has it). I find them similar, but prefer the Pikkolo. The biggest difference I found was the hood flap that the Pikkolo has that you can flip up over the baby ( -- I like it much better because 1) I'd use it to protect DD from the sun, which the Beco's head support can't do, and 2)it better supported DD's head when she fell asleep.

    Regarding the high-back carry option ... when I bought the Pikkolo, I'd read about it being an option in that carrier, but it really isn't great at it. I've only recently switched DD to back carries (she was happy with an inward facing front carry until about 11 months, so I did that), and it's not easy to get her really high, so don't count on that.
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    I have a Gemini and wish I had had it with my first child (I'm using it with DD2!). Unfotunately, I used an inherited baby bjorn (which was a killer).

    After trying on this and the Boba, I went with the Gemini. DD2 is currently 30 inches 23 lbs 4oz and does great in the Gemini. I love the back support, and usually wear the straps so they cross in the back. Haven't tried a back carry yet, but that will be coming!

    I'm almost 6 ft tall, plus sized and DH is 6'1", so we needed something that could fit us.

    Have been very pleased with my purchase!

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