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    Post Bjorn Miracle airy mesh?

    I need a carrier to take DS 2 on a trip with us in June. I was thinking of buying the bjorn miracle airy mesh carrier. Anyone have one? If so, can you tell me how big the waist strap is? I can't find that info anywhere. TIA!

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    Personally, I'd skin the Bjorn entirely. Historically, Bjorns do not provide proper support for hip development, and babies should not be worn front facing out. And it's ridiculously expernsive for what you get, IMO. You can get a much better carrier that will last you longer for less money.

    However, regarding your question, I did some research and could not find the length of the waist belt. It is adjustable, from my understanding, but I don't know how big or how small it adjusts. You might try contacting Bjorn's customer service or purchasing one from a local store where you can try it or a wesbite with a good return policy, such as
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    Another vote to skip the bjorn. They are so uncomfortable to wear! Lots of other choices.

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    I had tons of carriers with DD2, she had to be upright most of the time.

    I was in the minority and due to the ease of use I used my Bjorn more than my mei tai or sling!! It was my go to carrier for in and out of the car bc DD hated the infant seat so I put her in a convertible at 3 months. In fact I'm loaning it to a friend with a newborn so it will get more use

    I loved mine, but I did NOT like the mesh ones, it stretches and there is not much support.

    Again, I had like 7 carriers for her and kept going back to my regular old Bjorn (not even the one with the back support and I have major spinal issues).

    I did use my Babyhawk a lot, bc I could do a back carry...not as easy to get on and off though.
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