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    Default What size Kinderpack should I get?

    DD is 18 months, 23.5 lb (about 35%), and 32" tall (50%). She's always hovered around the 50% for both weight and height, but like her momma I think she's slimming out. We probably won't really be using the kinderpack until much later this year and early next year. We're getting ready to make a big international move and I anticipate a lot of travel over the next few years. I'm leaning towards a Toddler size pack since we won't need to use it right away and we'll be able to use it for longer. Does this make sense, or are the toddler ones so much bigger than the standard that the standard would be a better fit for her over the next year?

    TIA for the advice!

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    My 3-year-old is around 37" tall and a chunky 32-ish lbs ... and she's still got quite a bit of room to grow in our Toddler sized KP.

    I would HIGHLY recommend trying to find someone who has a Standard and a Toddler to try it out and see if the Toddler one would be too big.

    What are you currently using? We were using an Ergo & my daughter leans. The KP gives us a taller body & wider seat, so she's less likely to lean.
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    I started using the toddler size when my son was 11 months old.

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