I guess it was 2 months ago that we Ferberized? It made a huge difference but I'm not sure what we have going on now. I do know that DS is getting in "all four molars" after taking him into the after hours care for what I thought was ANOTHER ear infection (big relief....yet I felt stupid as a mom of three taking him in for what turned out to be teething).

ANYWAY, he has started crying when being put down again, which is frustrating so we are essentially having to re-ferberize I guess. The problem is, he has been waking earlier and earlier every morning and won't go back to sleep. 4:30 this morning and when I let him cry it seemed like it wouldn't end so I got him out. It had been over 45 minutes which is longer than it took even at the beginning for us with Ferber. He is still waking at least once also, so later bedtime, still nursing at night and waking way earlier. Consequentially, his naps have been better but it's not worth it!

Any tips?