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    Default Donating BM

    Ok so in my zealousness to keep up my BM supply unlike last time I have somehow amassed a huge quantity of frozen BM, like hundreds of ounces.

    I know people have mentioned donating, how would I go about finding someone?


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    I tried donating through a milk bank but since at one point during my BFing career at the time had taken supplements for my supply I didn't qualify. After that I went on Facebook and found my local chapter of Eats on Feets, which is now Human Milk for Human Babies. I posted about what I had and was contacted by a woman whose baby needed it. Good luck and awesome for you for having such a great supply and looking to share it!!
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    Try searching for a milk bank here:
    I donated over 100 ounces with my last baby and the process was really easy. I called and the milk bank quickly shipped the paperwork to fill out, as well as collection bottles (which I didn't really need, since most of mine was already in bags.) I did give a blood sample, and they had other restrictions like your baby can't be over 1 year old and the milk can't be over 6 months old if frozen. But overall, it was really easy and I'm glad I didn't just throw it all away. You could also ask around at a local baby store, midwife practice or mommy group and see if there is an informal milk sharing group.
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    When I donated BM, I had a tiny stash. It wasn't enough to donate to a milk bank. But I was able to find a family through Milk Share:

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