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    I got an Ergo on Ebay last year. Over Memorial Day DH was tightening a strap and broke one of the plastic clips that is used to tighten the straps (See picture - circled).

    Anyway I contacted Ergo to see if I could get a replacement. I didn't have a camera to take a picture so I just found this one online. When I sent the picture I was told that this Ergo hasn't been made for years, but if I look on the Ergo website, I find the same Ergo.

    I guess I'm wondering if I can't get the replacement strap from them, is there another option?

    WWYD? I don't want to trash the whole thing because of 1 strap.
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    Well, my first thought is that you can buy a replacement chest strap. If ergo won't sell you one, maybe a backpacking store? Or another baby carrier manufactur may have an equivalent replacement strap

    Also, there have been lots of small changes to ergo over the years. Even if it looks the same to you (and the function is the same), there have been changes in labels, fabrics, maybe even stitching. I would take a picture of your actual carrier.

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