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    Default S/O Solids before one and EBF

    With DS1 we did BLW. He showed no real interest in solids until 11 months but we started offering at 6 months. DS2 started going crazy and launching himself off your lap towards your plate at 3 months. I held off starting him on solids until 6 months but we are spoon feeding him because he would go crazy trying to feed himself and get very frustrated. He gets lunch and dinner and eats about 8oz a day. I usually give a meat and then fruit/veggie for the rest. The amount he nurses has dramatically decreased. I keep reading for the first year solids are just practice but he would choose those over nursing any day. I nurse first thing in the morning, before morning nap, before afternoon nap, before bed, and twice at night usually. I try to offer before lunch and dinner but he usually isn't interested then. Am I nursing him enough? He's 8 months old.
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    Is he growing and meeting targets? If yes, I would not worry about it and assume he is self regulating. My BFF nursed her second 15+ months but by 9 months she was only nursing three times a day. She offered water the rest of the day. Her DD loved to eat, continued to grow and meet all targets. She is a healthy and happy 3 year old now. My BFF just followed her daughter's lead.

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    My DD is still nursing at almost 16 months, but she only nurses two to three times a day. Mostly she eats solids, and that has been the case for many months. I would not worry about the amount your baby is nursing if he's eating good food. The important thing is for him to get good protein, fats, and nutrients (and hydration). If he is getting them in food, he needs less BM. You can decrease nursing without any ill effects if he's eating a good diet and growing normally. If start with cutting out a night feeding-- more sleep for you and for him!

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