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    Hi -

    I haven't posted before but am seeking some advice for all of the car seat/booster experts and am hoping for a response. I need to replace 2 car seats for my 5 year old daughter who is 40 inches, 40 pounds. I'd like to keep her harnassed as long as possible (as long as she'll cooperate with it) but would like something that will convert to a booster and last until she is out of car seats altogether. So I'm looking for combination boosters. My max budget is $200. I'm interested in the Frontier 85 and the Radion 100. I've found both on sale at for under $200. Frontier 85 seems to be the most popular choice, but I'm hearing that they are great harnassed, not so great as boosters. Any thoughts/advice on which combination booster is great both harnassed and as a booster? Comfortable but not over priced?

    Also looking for a second one that will go in my husband's car and doesn't get used very often. Something less expensive, preferable. Evenflo SecureKid?

    Any thoughts/advice are much appreciated!


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    My 1 year old has a Graco carseat and it fits in my Honda Civic.

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    The newer frontiers make a better booster, I had no issues with the original one as a booster either. It doesn't convert to a backless booster but those are so cheap so do not worry about that. My DD was able to use the frontier in my minivan until she fit the adult seat belt in my van, she needs a backless in Xh's svu.

    You can't go wrong with the frontier and I agree the evenflo makes sense for a second vehicle.

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    We love our fronteir although I haven't used it as a booster and can't really comment on that. Something else less expensive to consider would be the Graco Naultilus.
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