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    Default baby care books... do you owe a copy of Baby 411 or another book?

    Just got an email from Windsorpeak that my subscription to the baby bargain site is almost up, can't believe it's been a year since I started researching baby stuffs.
    Now with a 6.5 months old, I've just been googling my questions or ask my coworkers, not really following any book on how to care for the baby.
    Just want to know that if getting the Baby 411 book is worth it? I mean, I found the baby bargain book to be extremely helpful and have loaned my copy to a few friends that are expecting. Did anyone sign up for the membership on the site?

    Another book that was recommended to me is Moms On Call, there is no hardcopy of this book, only kindle version and the reviews on Amazon are decent.
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    I had Baby 411 when DS was born and found it to be a great resource for the first few months. I had lots of questions as a first time mom, and I had not yet found this forum. It helped me with general nursing questions, what should the poop look like, how often should they be pooping, what temperature is considered a fever, when to call the dr, developmental milestones, etc. If i were you, with a 6.5 month old, I wouldn't bother at this point. Just google or ask coworkers or come here.

    Don't have any other books to recommend. That's pretty much the only one I used.
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    I have baby 411 and I like it for a quick reference guide. It's much better than what to expect or other similar books.
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    I bought Baby 411 used, and it paid for itself the first night our infant would NOT stop crying. They have a list of things to try to get your child to calm down, and we used most of them that night. That page is bookmarked, because what works one night is guaranteed not to work the next time

    We do have other books that were gifts, including one our pediatrician recommended. Baby 411 is the thinnest, so it's easier to hold at the same time you are holding your child, and you don't have to flip as many pages to find what you need.
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    I had the Baby 411, Toddler 411 and What to Expect in the 1st Year book. My husband tried to ban me from continuing to read the What to Expect book, as I kept getting upset about its advice regarding extremely rare situations, such as what to do if your child's body part gets severed (no, I am not kidding). The Baby 411 and Toddler 411 have more common sense and practical advice about ordinary baby issues. Given that your child is now 6 months old, I recommend the Toddler 411 book.

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    I have both Baby 411 and Toddler 411. I think they're both really good baby books, though Toddler 411 has a lot of repetitive stuff from Baby 411, so I probably didn't really need both. But, still a good investment on the whole. Sure, you can get the same information elsewhere, but I think they are well organized and worthtwhile.
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