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    Thought I'd give a tiny update. We have been using the twist crayons more and I explained to DS why. He went along but I can see that he much prefers the regular ones. I've relaxed about the whole thing and he seemed to have noticed and has been talking about it to me himself - crayons break becuase that;s how they are, we can still use crayons that are broken, we can try to fix them with tape but they are not really fixed. A bit of parroting but more to say "I understand". He still says "fix it! fix it!" but since I am more chilled, he seemed to be taking it better. thank you all for your insight and suggestions. We do have a box now with broken crayons but he doesn't seem to care much for that concept, esp melting etc. I need to show it to him to undersand.

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    Sounds like he is working through it! I hope he continues to make progress.

    If you do the melting, you might try to get his input on if he wants the new ones to be one color or multicolor. Some kids love the multi-color ones, but some want only one color per crayon. Also look for a silicon ice cube tray to do it - those seem to work best and the ones that have the long, half-cylinder cubes for water bottles will be the most crayon-like shape.

    ETA: another thought, coming back to this would be to get him used to differently shaped crayons. Something like the Stockmar block crayons might be fun for him (and I hear they are very nice to color with): They are not as likely to break, but also might help him expand his mental map of what crayons should look like.
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