It seems that is now using a company called LaserShip for some shipments on the East coast. The idea is interesting but it needs some work. I placed an order at 9:15 on Thursday night and was excited to learn that I would be receiving my package by 8 pm on Friday, less than 24 hours after I ordered. must have a distribution center near me, and LaserShip acts as the courier. But the LaserShip driver delivered the package to the wrong address (something like delivering it to 5010 Main Street instead of 510)! While LaserShip CS was very nice in trying to remedy the situation, they could not send the driver back Friday night to straighten things out. The driver either returned on Saturday or my neighbor brought it over, because the package was on my porch Saturday afternoon (I was not home). Not such a good impression from a new company! I'm waiting for LaserShip CS to get back to me today as they said they would about next steps (and my guess is they do not know I now have the package).

I'm willing to give them a second chance, but I certainly won't be expecting next day service!