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    Default Bad experience with VOWS -MA

    Oddly enough, I had a terrible experience at VOWS. And I found out, I'm not the only one. They do tend to cater to brides who want that "designer gown". Personally, I don't care much for "who" makes it, rather than I actually love the dress and feel good in it. And as long as it's in my budget, I'm a happy bride!

    Being from the Boston area, I decided I'd go to this store everyone raves about. I waited two months for an appointment. I later found out apparently they're famous? (I was not previously aware, I do not watch TV.) which they weren't fond of the fact I hadn't heard of them. Then, I noticed despite my wait time, there was a number of shop people, but only me and another bride. And yet, I wasn't given much help whilst searching at first.

    The girl I worked with, I can't remember her name, was VERY pushy. Even when I said I did not like this gown whatsoever.

    I showed them exactly what I wanted. I said I wanted a A-line, sweetheart neckline. I had said I do not like all lace gowns. And clearly told them my budget. All of which they ignored.

    My venue, theme and colors were insulted. And she kept pulling dresses that were above my budget and I explicitly said "no full lace, no V-necks"

    She kept trying to get me to try on dresses, that I really didn't like, and that were not me, whatsoever. She tried desperately to tell me what it was I "really" wanted. Despite that I brought in pictures of what I liked, fully explained what I was going for. She desperately tried to convince me I liked this full lace gown, that I couldn't stand. It was embarrassing to have to tell her at least 6x that I really hated this dress. (Which she left me in for six mins, "to think about it".

    She said they didn't have any A-line sweetheart neckline dresses, but when my MOH and I went out, we found three. Two of which she refused to let me try on Apparently, it would not fit "your venue, this is a more ...upscale dress." Which, I disagree. But, whatever.

    I think this shop is better for those who possibly already have the type of dress they want in mind (I'd check their site first) and possibly care more for the designer. Also, probably best to come here ready to buy that day.

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