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    Default tapatalk on ipad telling me to update UserCP something or other

    I tried to read from my ipad tonight and got a pop up that said something about a setting not being the same or compatible and need to go into UseCP something or other to upgrade but the pop up disappeared before I could finish reading the rest. I can't find Use CP anywhere in the ipad version. Now it won't load new messages and it's stuck loading the 51 "new" messages it loaded last night. Everything is working fine on the www version. Any ideas??? I did check my ipad updates and it's not showing any tapatalk updates are needed.
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    Glad it's not just me. I just posted something similar (via Safari) in the Lounge. In desperation, I just downloaded the latest version of Tapatalk and can't figure out whether it's not connecting to the BBB or if I'm just not using it properly. Very confusing!

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