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    Lightbulb Disc Jockey recommendations for the Los Angeles area

    Hi all,

    I feel like I have already spent a fortune on venue and photography. Now I'm looking for the best DJ ever. Does anyone have any recommendations on DJs that you have personally seen and heard that you feel did a great job at Master of Ceremonies and keeping the crowd happy and dancing? Right now, I'm looking at "The D Jay Company" as well as "Hey Mister DJ". If anyone has any insight into these two companies, that would be appreciated. New recommendations are also wanted. My budget is around $1000, which I've heard is actually low for the Los Angeles area.

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    Default DJ help

    I used to work with a guy who DJ's on the side. He goes to Vegas to do a lot of shows. his email is [email protected] Name is Mark Lotman (Lord Lotman). Tell him Kera from Bridgepoint sent you. He is a real nice guy and he does really good work.

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