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    This is good information about ODD:
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    Another mom at DS's school mentioned her older son was diagnosed with it, but other than that don't know much.

    I thought ADHD couldn't be reliably diagnosed until at leats 6 yo? Or maybe that's changed? I ask because DS is all "yes" on the hyperactivity section and some "yeses" on other sections, but his teachers are not worried because he's 5.5 and many of those behaviors are normal at this age and they grow out of it. I have been told a couple of times he's too young for a diagnosis. FWIW I met with his teacher last week and she expressed that he's maturing so much lately, I think they are right and he's outgrowing most of ose behaviors.
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    I was wondering if DS2 had it, he was evaluated and did not. It is a pretty significant dx and IME behavior can be pretty rotten without this being the root. It was on the list of tests they did for DS2 when we were trying to figure out what was going on with him. We ended up with likely ADHD and NLD (he was evaluated at age 5 and they won't dx officially til 6 or 2 years after last eval). His behavior (negative) was largely focused on me (still is) and has improved greatly with age
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    We had an unofficial dx of ODD when DD was 8-9, along with her official dx of ADHD. Things were pretty hairy at home for a while - thankfully, her behavior at school was good. At 10, I can say things are much, much better. We did counseling and it was helpful, but I think mostly she's maturing out of the worst behaviors. Her outbursts are fewer and she recovers more quickly from them.
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    egoldber, thank you for the info, this is exactly what I was looking for.

    edurnemk, I know that this behavior is somewhat typical for this age range; however, what the psychiatrist told us before was that the behavior must be placed in a range and compared to a "typical" child's behavior at this age. This is when they decide that perhaps there is something more going on.

    hillview, I was actually thinking of your family a bit when I had initially looked into this diagnosis because I know that you have had some of the same experiences we have been having in the past. I'm glad to see that they did not seem to think this was the root of the issue. Your DS2 and my DS seem very similar, right down to the way that they tend to interact with their mom.

    missym, behavior here is out of control, hitting, kicking, punching, and yelling are the majority of responses I get when we interact (for example I ask him to use the potty, or pretty much do anything). It is at an all time low here right now.

    Thanks everyone for your time.

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